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Meet Our Guilds

CHOC Children’s guilds are made of community members who want to make a difference for children in need. By uniting individuals across Southern California under a common cause, the guilds create connections between compassionate supporters and the needs of kids at CHOC. For over 50 years, the guilds of CHOC Children’s have connected the wider community with the needs of sick and injured kids. Since the first guild was organized in 1962, these dedicated volunteers have raised over $37 million to help children go home healthy.

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Cancer Survivor Danielle’s Lasting Legacy

After four years of chemotherapy and radiation, Danielle went into remission and has stayed there ever since. But that didn’t end her relationship with CHOC. In fact, it was just the beginning.

  • Giving from the heart

Giving from the Heart

Last year, Annette and Richard committed $2 million to establish an endowment to support CHOC’s spiritual care program. This incredible gift is the culmination of a growing partnership spanning over a decade.

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