Fundraising Guidelines

Please review the community fundraising guidelines below for any individual, group, organization or corporation that hosts a fundraiser to benefit CHOC Children’s. All community fundraisers (including virtual fundraisers) must be promoted and operated in an ethical and professional manner. We reserve the right to deny any fundraiser that projects a negative image and/or has sponsorships from companies performing commercial activities that conflict with our mission, vision and values.

CHOC Foundation can:

  • Offer creative fundraising ideas for your fundraising activity or event.
  • Help direct your contributions toward areas of special interest or greatest need.
  • Provide a specific CHOC Children’s Foundation logo approved for community fundraisers.
  • Assist in the setup of an online page that you may share with supporters and use to accept donations.
  • Provide useful templates for your marketing communications.
  • Troubleshoot any technical issues on your online page.
  • Provide coaching tools and techniques to help your campaign succeed.
  • Arrange a check presentation at the CHOC Children’s Foundation when the gift is delivered.
  • Acknowledge and provide tax receipts for donations that are made directly to CHOC Children’s Foundation.

CHOC Foundation is unable to:

  • Extend our tax exemption status to your organization or event.
  • Provide event insurance or liability coverage.
  • Sign vendor contracts.
  • Provide funding or reimbursement for expenses related to the fundraiser.
  • Promote, publicize and/or sell tickets for your fundraiser.
  • Solicit sponsorship revenue for your fundraising event.
  • Assist with live auctions, silent auctions or raffles.
  • Permit use of the CHOC Children’s logo, or CHOC Children’s Institute logos, or provide letterhead or envelopes.
  • Share mailing lists of CHOC Children’s donors, sponsors, vendors, board members or staff.
  • Design promotional materials or issue press releases for your fundraiser.
  • Guarantee staff attendance, volunteers or media coverage at your event.
  • Endorse individuals, campaigns, organizations, programs, products or services.

Use of “In support of CHOC Foundation”

A community fundraiser is permitted to use the “in support of CHOC Children’s Foundation” logo regardless of the giving level, provided the fundraiser meets the following requirements:

• The fundraiser may only utilize the approved “in support of CHOC Children’s Foundation” logo image supplied by CHOC Children’s Foundation. Any other version or image will not be approved or permitted.

• The fundraiser may not alter the “in support of CHOC Children’s Foundation” logo in any way, including changing the font, colors, relative dimensions or angle.

• The fundraiser must provide CHOC Children’s Foundation with a timeframe for the fundraising activity. Approval is limited to one-time use for each fundraising activity and will not extend longer than the duration of the activity.

• The fundraiser must submit all promotional materials, flyers and websites to CHOC Children’s Foundation prior to production and distribution, for review and approval by CHOC Children’s Foundation. The fundraiser will not use materials that have not been approved.

• CHOC Children’s Foundation should be named as a beneficiary, not as a host or co-host of the fundraising activity.

• The fundraiser may not use any other logo owned by CHOC Children’s Foundation or CHOC Children’s in connection with the fundraising activity. CHOC Children’s Foundation has the right to deny use of our logo for any event that does not project a positive image of CHOC Children’s and to prohibit sponsorship by companies that conflict with our mission, vision and values.

Click on a logo above to see full size version, Then right-click  and select “Save As” to download the image.


The intent of this clause is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. Please make sure all fundraisers adhere to any regulations and guidelines mandated by your local municipalities, the State of California and the Internal Revenue Service.

Please refer to the State of California and the Internal Revenue Service guidelines for requirements for events that include live or silent auctions, or raffles. Please visit the California Gambling Control Commission if your fundraiser is any type of casino night or poker tournament.

Events that provide an alcohol service may necessitate additional provisions, as required by the Alcohol Beverage Control.

All expenses to produce your event must be deducted before submitting your check to CHOC Children’s Foundation. CHOC may not deduct expenses or reimburse monies once funds are received by CHOC. Individuals, groups, organizations and corporations who donate directly to CHOC will receive a tax receipt from CHOC Children’s Foundation.

If a gift is not made directly to CHOC Children’s Foundation, we are unable to provide a tax receipt.

CHOC Children’s Foundation will not knowingly accept financial or other assistance from a business if a substantial portion of the revenue of that business is from the promotion, distribution or sale of the below; or derives from cause-related fundraising that derives from the sale of alcohol. These listed are deemed inconsistent with CHOC’s mission, vision and values:

  • Marijuana
  • Cannabidiol
  • Electronic cigarettes / vaping
  • Alcohol
  • Hemp
  • Tobacco
  • Firearms / Weapons

CHOC Children’s Foundation may accept contributions from a company that manufactures, sells or promotes alcohol, provided: it is a donation of cash; or it is a contribution of gift in kind of alcohol for use at appropriate CHOC events; or it is a sponsorship where the fee is paid in cash or gift in kind or both.

For any further questions, please email