With three healthy children, Vivien and Daniel Hyman never had cause to visit CHOC Children’s. As such, they did not realize how CHOC impacted the community they cherished until Dan was invited to join the Foundation board. “We didn’t comprehend what some families go through,” Vivien says. “There are so many families that need and deserve care. And that’s what CHOC does so well.” When they saw how well the children in their community were cared for, the Hymans immediately recognized how their values integrated with CHOC’s.


The Hymans have become dedicated collaborators, supporters and champions for CHOC. Vivien volunteers on the CHOC Children’s Gala Committee, and Dan serves as vice chair of the CHOC Foundation’s board of directors. Even their daughter Victoria has gotten involved. For her fifth birthday, she donated all her presents to children at CHOC. Together, their efforts have inspired countless community members to join the CHOC family. “We now understand just how important CHOC is to our community,” Vivien says, “and how fortunate we are to be able to rely on CHOC in times of need. We want CHOC to be here forever.”

As part of this commitment, last year the Hymans supported CHOC with a $2 million gift, naming a pod in the mental health inpatient center. The Hymans are grateful to help fill a glaring gap in care and to advocate for a topic that continues to carry a stigma. Vivien is hopeful about the future of mental health: “Families are beginning to see how critical mental health care is to our children’s overall well-being and their ability to thrive.”


Ultimately, the Hyman family’s efforts and generosity go directly toward what matters most to them: their community. “We want young people growing up mentally healthy as well as physically healthy,” Vivien says, “because they’re the ones who are going to be leading our community in the future.”

She continues: “Hearing families tell their stories and seeing them thrive is why we are passionate about supporting CHOC and why we will never stop doing so.”